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Enterprise-level incident management, reporting, and response with Microsoft Sentinel and Nasuni

Integrate your Nasuni Files Data Services environment with the Microsoft Sentinel Security Incident and Event Management (SIEM) solution to gain a new layer of proactive threat awareness, investigation, and automated responses. Incorporate information about suspicious event activity from Nasuni into your Sentinel dashboard and enhance your Security Operations Center with insights about file share-related cyber threats.


Scale File Data in the Cloud with Microsoft Azure and Nasuni

Gold Microsoft Partner

As a Gold Level Partner and winner of Microsoft’s Global Azure ISV Partner of the Year award, Nasuni is the best choice for enterprises that want to leverage Azure to store, protect, share, and collaborate on rapidly growing file data.

Unlike other solutions in the Microsoft file storage portfolio, Nasuni leverages Azure Blob object storage to offer file shares that are accessible in the cloud or on-premises via industry-standard SMB and NFS protocols.

The combination of Azure Blob and Nasuni enables you to modernize your Windows file server and NAS workloads at lower cost and with greater scalability and administrative simplicity than Microsoft’s Azure-only offerings, while also providing superior ransomware protection for your file data.


Nasuni Counts Against Your Azure Commitment

If you have a Microsoft Azure Consumption Commitment, Nasuni can help you draw it down. The cost of the Azure Blob object storage that you use with Nasuni, the cost of any Nasuni Edge VMs that you deploy to cache file shares in Azure regions, and the cost of Nasuni itself – as long as it’s purchased through Azure Marketplace – all count 100% against your Azure commitment.


Choose the Right Microsoft Azure Solution for Storing Files

Many IT leaders are often confused sorting through the various similar-sounding options for storing files in Azure. If you’re ready to migrate from on-premises NAS, Windows file servers, StorSimple, or any other legacy file storage infrastructure, we’ve created this guide for you.

Nasuni and Azure Blob are available through Microsoft Azure Marketplace:

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Nasuni & Azure Solutions

File Server/NAS Modernization

Nasuni leverages Azure Blob object storage to offer file shares that are accessible in the cloud or on-premises via industry-standard SMB and NFS protocols. You’ll be able to modernize and consolidate your data center NAS and remote office Windows file servers with infinite scale, built-in backup, and global file sharing, all at lower cost than Azure-only solutions or hardware refresh.

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Cloud VDI

Nasuni is a certified Azure Virtual Desktop solution that caches file shares in the same Azure regions as your virtual desktops. By keeping file data “close” to where it’s being used and enabling files to be synchronized across multiple Azure regions, Nasuni minimizes latency and gives your VDI users a better desktop experience.

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OneDrive, Teams, SharePoint Integration

Many enterprises utilize Microsoft OneDrive for home directories and desktop synchronization, Microsoft Teams for small workgroup file sharing, and Nasuni with Azure Blob object storage for enterprise and department file shares. But did you know Nasuni also integrates with the two Microsoft SharePoint-based solutions?

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StorSimple Migration

Nasuni backed by Azure Blob is a Microsoft-approved migration option for Microsoft StorSimple customers needing to find a new home for their file data before StorSimple reaches end of support. Nasuni’s professional services team and our certified partners can migrate your StorSimple data without interrupting ongoing operations and access.

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The world’s biggest brands have modernized file storage and data protection with Azure and Nasuni.

“We are getting big savings by eliminating on-premises storage and data protection infrastructure and simplifying management.”

Global Technology Solutions Manager, Cushman & Wakefield

“Nasuni and Azure is a simple, flexible and dynamic solution for file share service.”

Muralidhar Jayaramgowda, Senior IT Technical Support Engineer, SDL

“With traditional backup, if a file is lost or crashed or destroyed by a user we could only go back in time to the last night. Now we can go back one hour. We can beat the 24-hour recovery and get it down to half an hour or a max of one hour without any user impact.”

Holger Marks, Infrastructure Manager, Western Europe

“Using Nasuni with Azure has been a great combination.  We have been extremely pleased with the ease of using blob storage in Azure to be our main location for all of our Nasuni data.  It was very good how Nasuni fit in with our existing Azure infrastructure.  There was no need to create anything new.”

Chris Zambito, Server Engineering Lead, Alcoa Corp

Investment bank accelerates collaboration across global offices by moving off of NetApp to Nasuni.

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Jakob Müller transitions to Nasuni and Azure from Windows file servers.

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The world's second largest wine and spirits seller, known for brands like Absolut Vodka and Jameson Irish Whiskey, uses Nasuni for file data services in all of its 55 locations.

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Ramboll, responsible for the largest advanced waterwaste treatment plant in the world, deployed 3PB of data with Nasuni unifying thousands of employees and hundreds of locations worldwide.

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Learn how this engineering firm shrunk their hardware footprint and cut file sync times with Nasuni cloud file storage.

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Macmillan Cancer Support is one of the largest charities in the U.K., providing healthcare, counseling, information, financial support, and more to people impacted by cancer.

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HJF is a nonprofit that serves military, medical, academic and government partners around the world through preeminent scientific programs.

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This company has provided engineering services to the energy industry for over 65 years, and used Nasuni for a rapid transition in early 2020 to virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) at the start of the coronavirus.

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This leading UK and UAE construction company relies on Nasuni to store and share the project files needed for clients like Aston Martin, Jaguar Land Rover, and Amazon.

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Easy to Deploy. Easy to Implement.

Nasuni is built from the ground up to support all of Azure’s advanced features so you can build the most secure, high-performing, resilient and efficient storage infrastructure possible.

  • Azure Load Balancing
  • Azure Functions
  • Azure Queue Service
  • Azure Cosmos DB
  • Azure Blob
  • Azure DNS and Traffic Manager
  • Azure Resource Manager