Built-In Security

Designed for cloud data protection and mitigation

Serious Security Built-In
Take Security to the Edge

Take Security to the Edge

Nasuni is built with powerful ransomware detection and mitigation at the edge. It identifies and quickly stops ransomware where it tries to enter your file system. Nasuni monitors and blocks suspicious activity and isolates infected files or systems. It warns you of potential threats before they can harm your data, and keeps track of every threat event with detailed logs and reports.

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Snapshots Written in Stone

Protected, Infinite Snapshots

Nasuni’s immutable, infinite snapshots are the best in the industry allowing you to protect your files from data loss, corruption, and ransomware by storing them as read-only objects in low-cost object cloud storage. You can take snapshots as often as every minute and keep them forever. You can also restore any file, directory, volume in minutes across any and every location.

Recover in Seconds, not Days or Weeks

Recover in Seconds, Not Days or Weeks

Nasuni’s patented rapid file recovery technology ensures that recovery times are minimized. This reduces the impact of downtime. Nasuni helps organizations swiftly get back to normal operations.

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File Backup is so Last Century

Cut Costs and Say Goodbye to Traditional File Backup

Nasuni’s cloud-native architecture and data management makes traditional file-level backup and DR a thing of the past. Your file data on Nasuni’s platform is durable and resilient because Nasuni is built in object storage. Stop spending IT budget on backup and DR infrastructure and reduce administrative overhead forever.