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Unlimited, Cost-Effective Cloud Storage

Advertising and PR firms of all sizes use Nasuni to share media files in a single, global namespace anywhere in the world, replacing the silos of NAS arrays and file servers scattered across agencies. While the size and complexity of these files have grown tremendously, Nasuni easily provides media firms with a solution that supports their need to cost-effectively store, manage, and protect these important file assets without sacrificing performance.

Built-in Protection for Media & Advertising Files

Nasuni not only makes it easier and faster to get work done, it also makes IT’s job easier. Traditional backup software, media servers, tapes, and archival storage, along with their high costs, are a thing of the past, replaced with Nasuni’s modern, built-in file ‘snapshots’ so files can be restored to any point in time from a drop-down menu in minutes. Recovery points (RPO) are reduced to minutes, and recovery times (RTO) are reduced to seconds. What’s more, IT can recover from equipment failures and natural disasters at any location in as little as 15 minutes (not days).

Less Cost, More Capabilities

Media firms can reduce file storage costs by 50% by eliminating NAS and file server hardware along with the mountains of backup and DR infrastructure and the overwhelming amount of time needed by IT. Nasuni also helps the bottom line for companies with a “time-is-money” business model. Waiting for files to transfer between teams in remote offices or to a client burns lots of time (aka money). Nasuni solves that problem by making files quickly available anywhere in the world without the need for specialized synchronizing technology or infrastructure.


The world’s biggest brands have prepared for the future by modernizing their file storage and data protection with Nasuni.

Especially now in our COVID world, cash is a big deal, and Nasuni has really helped our business from a financial standpoint, not just an operational one.

Jason Hittleman, Chief Technology Officer, The Mars Agency

Nasuni is a killer replacement for the traditional local file server and it gives you the ability to get cross-office collaboration really humming along.

Dave Coffman, Director of Enterprise Infrastructure, Meredith Corporation

Given our multi-petabyte requirements, the scalability of Nasuni’s cloud-native file system was a major factor in our selection process. Other solutions we looked at were controller-based, and thus constrained by hardware limits. We needed a solution that would scale with our underlying private cloud storage, while still giving every office high-speed access to files. Nasuni has worked as advertised.

Adam Sharp, CIO of International, TBWA

With Nasuni, we expect to directly improve our backup and DR processes – especially as they relate to recovery point objectives and recovery time objectives. Nasuni helps us deliver value to all of our offices by eliminating islands of storage and standardizing our DR processes, which in turn makes the IT department’s life easier.”

Michael Goral, EHQ IT Operations Manager, Cheil Worldwide

The largest division of the world's largest advertising firm stores, protects, and collaborates on 10+ PB of file data across hundreds of sites with Nasuni.

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Delivering the news to more than 78 million global readers, Crain relies on the Nasuni file data platform to support their business.

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A customer since 2018, this global marketing agency successfully addresses IT infrastructure complexities as their file sizes got bigger and their geographic footprint expanded with Nasuni.

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Leader in information and analytics for customers across the global research and health ecosystems relies on Nasuni and AWS to enable its content managers to more easily share documents, images, drawings, and other large-format files.

Representing clients like HBO, Netflix, and NBC this agency uses a multi-cloud solution powered by Nasuni to reduce IT costs and support remote offices.

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