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Public sector data infrastructure that drives value

Public organizations need their data infrastructure to achieve many goals while squeezing every ounce of value from their budget. Nasuni’s hybrid cloud infrastructure helps you take advantage of the cloud to reduce your environmental impact, achieve compliance standards, and protect your data from growing ransomware threats.


Stretch your IT budget

When you modernize your data infrastructure with Nasuni and Microsoft Azure, AWS, or Google Cloud storage, you stop paying for SAN/NAS, file servers, backup software, media servers, tapes, archives, and disaster recovery sites. On average, you’ll save up to 50% compared to any other on-premises or cloud file management solution — or more when you factor in time saved by IT.


Contain ransomware attacks and damage

Ransomware is becoming more sophisticated, and public sector agencies and municipalities have been hit hard. Relying on traditional backup or snapshots can take days or weeks to recover. Nasuni enables you to restore files to points just minutes before an attack, and recover petabytes of data in seconds. No lengthy data copies. No recreating file changes. No lost worker productivity. And no damage to your core files.


Meet environmental initiatives

By consolidating file data in your choice of cloud object storage instead of leaving it siloed on traditional, on-premises file servers or NAS, Nasuni shrinks your data center footprint by an average of 90%. You’ll reduce rack space, power consumption, and hardware management, helping satisfy state, local, and federal environmental mandates. And you can rest easy knowing Microsoft Azure, AWS, or Google Cloud are certified compliant.


Serve more stakeholders

Keep up with the demand for new services by enhancing collaboration and efficiency. Challenges with storing, protecting, and sharing file data can cause project delays and blown budgets, blocking you from fulfilling your mission and serving more customers. Nasuni makes it easy and fast to share large files within departments, across sites, or even between agencies and outside contractors.

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Public sector customers

Public sector organizations are maximizing budgets — advancing their missions — by optimizing file storage and data protection with Nasuni.

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