Retail and consumer goods

Hybrid cloud storage services for retail and consumer goods

Global brands need to move quickly to stay on top of trends and manage constant change. Nasuni hybrid cloud storage brings your creative assets together in one global namespace to make sharing and collaboration across your organization fast and easy, with end-to-end encryption that protects your files.


Speed up collaboration

Improving the customer experience is key to competitiveness, and it demands intense collaboration. Nasuni allows large files to be shared all over the world, so marketing, brand management, and product teams can work with the latest designs to create fresh looks. Product and packaging teams can more easily work with manufacturing to model and test high-impact designs.

Give your teams global access to a single cloud-based unified file system from any location – with no performance tradeoff. You can access talent all over the world, with fast-moving projects among dispersed teams made easy, thanks to edge technology, high-speed file sharing, and frequent synching.


Reduce infrastructure costs

Whether it’s creating a fresh new shelf layout with Adobe InDesign or developing innovative packaging with Illustrator, unstructured data needs to be stored, shared, and organized – securely. Nasuni has a unique file management infrastructure that stores snapshots of files in low-cost cloud object storage, offering huge price advantages – usually saving clients about 50% of their hardware-based NAS costs.


Storage, capacity, and sharing with no size limits

Retailers and consumer goods companies often work with extremely large design and video files that need to be shared with designers in different locations. Now, with the limitless capacity of object storage and the ability to share files such as Adobe InDesign, creative teams can spend more time inventing new looks and layouts (and less on storage bottlenecks).


Keep your locations up and running

The new digital reality is that issues such as ransomware, regional disasters, power outages, and unplanned closures can corrupt your data or take your office down. Nasuni’s snapshot-based storage system offers an incredible defense against these events, enabling business continuity. Data snapshots can’t be changed, so you can restore to any point within the last few minutes in moments with a few clicks — neutralizing ransomware attempts. And if a site goes down, IT can restore petabytes of files within 15 minutes, a best-in-class disaster recovery timeline.


Secure your brand assets

We offer end-to-end file encryption and policy-driven access control to secure proprietary files.

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Retail and consumer goods customers

The world’s biggest brands are preparing for the future — and protecting their business now — by modernizing file storage and data protection with Nasuni.

Everyone was convinced [the migration] was going to be a nightmare, and no one even knew it happened. My bosses were asking when it was going to happen, and I replied, ‘We already did it. The job’s done.

Michael Oehlert, Infrastructure Team Lead, TGI Fridays

With traditional backup, if a file is lost or crashed or destroyed by a user we could only go back in time to the last night. Now we can go back one hour. We can beat the 24-hour recovery and get it down to half an hour or a max of one hour without any user impact.

Holger Marks, Infrastructure Manager Western Europe, Pernod Ricard

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