Ransomware mitigation

Detect, respond, and recover with ransomware mitigation

Limit ransomware attacks and recover your data rapidly.

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Smooth sailing is our superpower

Our ransomware mitigation capabilities get you back to business sooner

When you modernize your storage, award-winning ransomware protection should be part of the change. Attacks will happen, but how your platform responds makes all the difference.

Nasuni ransomware protection brings fast detection, immediate mitigation, rapid targeted recovery, and enterprise-level SIEM integration. And we top it all off with a detailed incident report that is generated as soon as an attack starts which allows your team to focus on where the damage has occurred.

Detect at the edge, recover in seconds, and be back to business in minutes.

Mitigation at speed

Take control of your file data security and detect, respond, and recover from attacks in record time.

Recover instantly

We can restore and recover millions of files in seconds thanks to unlimited immutable snapshots

Complete visibility

Our solution detects attacks instantly and provides a complete incident report within seconds, so you have all the details at your fingertips

Gain better security insights

Logs and reports help you keep on top of any threats before they become high-risk

Mitigate and recover from ransomware with a platform that keeps your data safe