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Data intelligence services for a new era

It’s impossible to unlock the power of AI using data intelligence if you have rigid data silos and little understanding of where your most valuable data resides. Your AI data strategy requires organizing, consolidating, and curating data and access. Nasuni’s hybrid cloud infrastructure makes it easy.

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Unlock the full value of your data with AI

We make it easier to optimize the value of data intelligence

If you’re ready to extract the full value of your data using AI, you need to bring it together in one place. You need something that doesn’t just store your most critical business information, but curates, consolidates, and secures it.

Take the next step with your data intelligence strategy and bring your most valuable information together – including data from the edge – securely into one file system, all the while ensuring only the right people have access. From there, you can manage it, remove redundant information, and curate your data so it’s ready for your next AI exercise – and the next phase of your business.

Move your data strategy forward

Looking to provide a powerful infrastructure for AI? Start by getting your data locked and loaded.

A global namespace

Unite unstructured file data into a single source of truth for enterprise-wide data intelligence insights

Work on your freshest data from the edge

Enable AI to work on your most recent data with edge caches that bring AI to the data, rather than the other way round

Increase data resilience

Ensure continuity of AI file data pipelines with the fastest point in time recovery

Take the next step on your AI journey