Architecture, engineering, and construction

Cloud data services for AEC

The most cost-effective and durable data platform for fast, safe access to all architecture, engineering, and construction files, anywhere projects are being done.


Data infrastructure and file management for architecture, engineering, and construction

AutoCAD, BIM, Revit, InRoads, Sketchup, and other popular AEC software have grown tremendously, taxing storage limits and requiring high performance. Data is often scattered across servers at remote job sites and global offices, making it difficult for teams to access. Nasuni is specifically optimized for AEC software and files — allowing you to safely store and share files from a single, global namespace anywhere in the world.


Built-in protection that reduces IT work

The traditional approach to backup is costly and time-consuming to manage. Nasuni’s unique approach to data storage uses immutable snapshots that can be restored to virtually any point in time, in minutes, from a simple drop-down menu — eliminating the need for backup. What’s more, you can recover petabytes of files from equipment failures at any location in as little as 15 minutes.


Unlimited cloud scale paired with local performance

Nasuni uses the scale and economics of object storage in the cloud for unlimited, on-demand file capacity. The Nasuni File Data Platform maintains fast, reliable local access to files with virtual edge appliances.


Synchronize files across locations and teams

Remote teams of architects, engineers, and BIM managers benefit from Nasuni’s ability to automatically synchronize files with its cloud-based orchestration center. Version conflict can easily be avoided with Nasuni’s powerful Global File Locking ® functionality.

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Architecture, engineering, and construction customers

The world’s biggest brands have prepared for the future by modernizing their file storage and data protection with Nasuni’s cloud data services.

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