Energy, oil, and gas

Hybrid cloud solutions for energy, oil, and gas

Reducing ‘time-to-energy’ requires bringing the data to the experts, not the other way around. Nasuni offers a new approach: our unique hybrid cloud infrastructure lets you consolidate your files in the cloud so your people can access them from any location without delay.


Consolidate cloud solutions

Reduce file access complexity and risk when you consolidate all file data across every location — no matter how remote — in a single global file system. Energy companies can consolidate all business file data, including extremely large seismic data, 3D CAD renderings, and interpretation models, and synchronize them across locations much faster than traditional methods.


Unlimited snapshots of your data going back to day one

Easily store multiple immutable snapshots of data over time, offering you the opportunity to understand how it changes, and how your files evolve from their inception. If you use seismic files, this is particularly important.


Get faster file access from anywhere in the world

No more interoperability issues or slow synching, no matter where your files or teams reside. Exploration sites, drilling fields, corporate offices, and remote geologists can access file data via a fast consolidated platform — across every major public cloud (e.g. S3, IBM, Azure, Google Cloud). It’s worlds easier to manage than using multiple, on-premises file servers or NAS arrays.


Unshakeable ransomware protection and mitigation

In complex drilling and exploration environments, ransomware attacks can come from multiple directions. They might start from a remote oil rig, for example, and soon spread to multiple locations. It’s a high risk business.

Nasuni lets you lock down your data before ransomware spreads through your organization. An algorithm detects threats based on unusual file behavior, and then locks down access for offending IP addresses. But more importantly, our immutable snapshot system means ransomware can’t corrupt files. Restoring data is as simple as clicking a button to recover the most recent snapshot (we take hundreds a day). And Nasuni Ransomware Protection service gives you extra ways to detect and respond from attacks.

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Energy, oil, and gas customers

The world’s biggest brands are preparing for the future — and protecting their businesses today — by adopting hybrid cloud storage and data protection with Nasuni.

Nasuni is an out of the box product with a simple management interface, that is easy to deploy, and makes your nights more comfortable because security is built right in the heart of the platform. I highly recommend it.

Malcolm Brown, Global IT Manager Geoactive

Penspen’s shift to Nasuni delivered real value as we transitioned our entire global workforce to a working-from-home model without having to worry about disrupting project delivery, global collaboration or productivity.

Michael Norman, Infrastructure Engineer, Penspen

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