Cloud-Native Enterprise File Services Platform | Nasuni

Nasuni is NAS Unified

Nasuni is primary and archive file storage capacity, backup, DR, global file access, and multi-site collaboration in one massively scalable hybrid cloud solution.

Nasuni Enterprise File Services™

Powered by the world’s first cloud-native global file system, Nasuni converges the solutions and processes previously needed to store, protect, access, and manage unstructured file data into a single, modern platform.


Primary & Archive Storage
Local Performance
Local Security


Continuous Versioning
Instant Recovery


Mobile Client
Web File Sharing
Global File Lock


Single Pane of Glass
Volume & Appliance Controls
Remote, Scriptable Provisioning

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The New Scale-Out Standard

Nasuni makes file services as scalable as the cloud itself. Provision limitless primary or archive capacity in minutes. Retain infinite versions of every file. Access file shares and project directories anywhere, anytime. No more out-of-space issues. No more forklift upgrades.  No more backup pain. No more remote access and replication delays.

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A Local NAS Experience…

Edge appliances cache your frequently accessed files. Our algorithms have it down to a science. You’ll only need a fraction of the on-premises storage you needed before to provide local, NAS-level file sharing performance. It’s like stuffing 50 pounds of potatoes into a 5-pound bag.

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…in Any Location

Our edge appliances are stateless and can be instantiated anywhere to provide file access. No need for duplicate NAS infrastructure, WAN acceleration, or replication bandwidth.

RPOs and RTOs that are OMG

Continuous file versioning, made possible by our patented data sharding technology, captures every file change across your enterprise. Accidental deletions, Ransomware, and file corruptions can be fixed in minutes.  And the costs of file backup software, hardware, and administration?  Gone.

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DR Anywhere

Nasuni inherits the georedundancy of cloud object storage to automatically store multiple copies of your files. Our edge appliances can be spun up in minutes to give you access to files anywhere you have power and cloud connectivity. Instead of the high cost of dedicated disaster recovery sites, you get DR anywhere.

Go Ahead, Collaborate

Need to work on the same files in different locations? No problem.

Our global file system provides a single, unified namespace for all files.

Our use of cloud services means internet bandwidth is used instead of costly local MPLS to propagate file changes.

Our global file lock prevents multiple authors from making simultaneous edits and causing version conflict.

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Your Choice of Cloud

Pick the public or private cloud that makes the most sense for your business.  Or, use multiple clouds to meet specific regional requirements. With Nasuni, you’re not locked into the one cloud your key file-generating applications support.

Safe and Secure

Locally, file access is controlled by the same Active Directory and LDAP authentication you use today. In transit, your data is encrypted with keys you control. In the cloud, it’s secured using your providers’ stringent compliance and privacy tools and procedures.


Our licensing model is standard Software as a Service (SaaS).  You only pay for what you need, when you need it.  High up-front capital costs become lower, more predictable operational costs.