How It Works

Nasuni is NAS Unified   What if you had NAS with unlimited storage capacity, built-in data protection, global file sharing and mobile access — all managed from a centralized console? What we’re describing is Nasuni Enterprise File Services™. A powerful, unified approach to NAS for file data storage. Nasuni delivers file data storage for distributed enterprises… Continue Reading »

Nasuni Enterprise File Services

File Storage for the Distributed Enterprise   File data continues to grow and spread across the enterprise creating a massive file sprawl problem. Legacy technologies such as distribution, replication, WAN acceleration and storage tiering have been deployed to deal with the growth of unstructured data – with limited success and at great expense. Nasuni Enterprise File… Continue Reading »

Product Overview

Nasuni combines SSD and SAS drives with cloud storage to form a high-performance, scalable storage system capable of handling all file data, databases and server virtualization. Nasuni storage controllers are engineered to use the cloud as a component rather than an add-on, giving the system unique properties such as on-demand scale, centralized control and the… Continue Reading »

Nasuni Operations Center

The nerve center of Nasuni, our Operations Center provides world-class management, monitoring and support – truly enabling Storage-as-a-Service The Nasuni Operations Center (NOC) represents the nervous system of the Nasuni solution. It’s through the NOC that the entire network of Nasuni Edge Appliances and Cloud Storage is monitored and managed. Staffed with our best engineers and… Continue Reading »

Nasuni Management Console (NMC)

The Nasuni Management Console centralizes and simplifies control of every Edge Appliance and Volume, creating a single pane of glass for administrators The Nasuni Management Console (NMC) leverages the power of cloud to deliver control over massively distributed systems without requiring point-to-point connections or in-network access. Gone are the days of products that only manage storage… Continue Reading »

Cloud Storage

The next generation hard drive, cloud storage provides an unlimited pool of raw storage that can grow on demand and never needs to be backed up Just as disk drives have been used for years as the building blocks of traditional storage arrays, Nasuni leverages enterprise cloud storage to deliver a fully-integrated storage and cloud solution…. Continue Reading »

The Nasuni Edge Appliance

Nasuni’s line of physical and virtual edge appliances brings cloud storage into your datacenter, delivering storage, backup and offsite protection in a single appliance Just like traditional hardware, the Nasuni Edge Appliance provides unified storage through standard protocols and access control through existing authentication systems. Unlike traditional storage, Nasuni’s next-generation storage controller never needs to be backed… Continue Reading »

Press Contact

Built by a team of industry experts and storage veterans, Nasuni is changing the way companies view storage and infrastructure.

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