Case Study


TBWA Unleashes Creative Talent with Nasuni’s Global File System

Advertising leader achieves digital transformation and cost-saving objectives

TBWA is a unit of Omnicom Group, one of the world’s largest advertising agency holding companies. They are known as pirates – creative renegades who take risks and rewrite rules to come up with brave brand-building ideas for clients including Nissan, adidas, Henkel, Michelin and Gatorade. However, it’s hard to be creative when ideas cannot be shared. Files generated by TBWA’s creative teams are among the company’s most valuable assets. Storing, protecting, and sharing this creative content across the globe became a challenge as the agency grew to 305 offices in 98 countries. Nasuni has enabled TBWA to consolidate file storage, accelerate creative collaboration, and strengthen data protection, benefiting TBWA’s creatives and their clients, as well as IT and the business at large. 90 Nasuni edge appliances—including 80 VMs on VMware virtual infrastructure and 10 physical Nasuni appliances—have been deployed to provide access to nearly 2.9 PBs of Nasuni global file system capacity.

  • Media & Advertising
  • Private/On-Prem Storage
  • cloud backup
  • digital transformation
  • DR
  • global collaboration
  • NAS and file server consolidation
  • high-performance file access across offices; creative collaboration without version conflict; lower and more predictable storage costs
  • elimination of backup and tapes; improved recovery points and recovery times; simplified IT administration
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