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With Nasuni and our cloud partners, we deliver on a promise: storage that’s less expensive, easier to manage, more resilient, and infinitely scalable.

Nasuni’s hybrid cloud platform works like traditional hardware NAS except it was natively designed for the cloud. Our unique infrastructure lets you take advantage of significantly cheaper cloud object storage, scale gracefully, and eliminate maintenance tasks.

It works with any major public cloud, allowing you to deploy on multiple public clouds – or any combination of public, private, and on-prem storage you have. Consolidate data seamlessly and reap some big benefits:

Significant savings

Cloud object storage costs pennies on the dollar of traditional storage. Nasuni’s unique system was engineered to take advantage of object storage with no performance tradeoffs.

Built-in maintenance and recovery

Our system backs up your data hundreds of times a day, eliminating a need for manual backup. Full disaster recovery happens in seconds to minutes with a couple clicks.

Infinite scale

Traditional file architectures become more cumbersome as they grow. Nasuni sidesteps that issue by using metadata-based data retrieval combined with cache storage at the edge. Scale much as you want – without cloud latency.

Microsoft and Nasuni

Simplify file management administration and enhance enterprise-level incident management, reporting, and response

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AWS and Nasuni

Consolidate NAS and file server silos in Amazon S3 for half the cost of traditional infrastructures

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Google Cloud and Nasuni

Save 70% of the cost of traditional file infrastructure when you use Nasuni – a Google Cloud Premier Partner – to consolidate, manage, and protect files in Google Cloud

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