Hybrid cloud data services for advanced manufacturing

Data management and movement are critical to the success of modern manufacturing processes.

Hybrid cloud data services let you scale your data without compromising performance, protection, or recovery. Most importantly, they adapt to changing workflows, new ways of collecting data, and new analytical requirements.


Make moves in manufacturing with a new approach to data infrastructure

The right data infrastructure is critical to ensuring data is operationally accessible, integrated across multiple systems and locations, and groomed for AI readiness. Nasuni’s unique hybrid cloud infrastructure makes it possible.


Strengthen cybersecurity

Downtime and losing trade secrets can deeply impact manufacturers. Nasuni’s Continuous File Versioning® takes immutable data snapshots every few minutes, providing a huge layer of protection to neutralize any data breaches and recover your files within minutes without any data corruption. Real-time ransomware attack detection and mitigation capabilities at the edge also allow you to quickly detect and shut down unusual activity.


Empower hybrid and remote sites with global file sharing

Don’t make your users wait. Enhance productivity with fast file access from anywhere in the world without having to use VPN. Nasuni virtually integrates file shares within a manufacturing ecosystem and provides tools such as desktop synchronization and external file sharing for even the largest CAD files.


Save big

Let go of capacity planning by reducing your on-premises storage infrastructure. Nasuni eliminates the need for hardware infrastructure, which means you won’t be wasting or overbuying on traditional storage. With instant file recovery and backup built in, manufacturing customers could benefit from an average of 40-60% savings.


Unlock global collaboration

As a single platform providing file availability to each and every location from design sites to factories, Nasuni is ideally suited for the PLM, CAD/CAM/CAE design and production data and IoT workflows. With Nasuni, the propagation of large files is faster than ever, and globally distributed engineering and manufacturing teams can now collaborate on all engineering files as if they were in the same office.

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Manufacturing customers

The world’s biggest manufacturers are preparing for the future — and protecting their business now — by modernizing file storage and data protection with Nasuni.

With Nasuni, the data is waiting for [our employees] and they can work at local speeds immediately instead of having to wait for transfers to finish. That has really improved productivity.

Ken Borthwick, Director of Server and Client Solutions, Movado

The whole solution of Nasuni and Google Cloud saves us money, but what these savings don’t account for is that the solution gives me back the ability to sleep at night.

Mark Valpreda, IT Infrastructure, Hybrid Apparel

We looked at all the other competitors out there and we found that Nasuni satisfied all of the requirements in a way that no one else did.

Tony Scrimenti, Director, Global Infrastructure and Vendor Management, Sound United

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