Unified storage

Unified File Storage

Delivering unified file storage across any distributed enterprise can be a complicated, expensive and daunting task. Nasuni combines cloud storage with on-premises hardware to deliver distributed storage with fully centralized control.   Challenge Building a unified storage solution to protect company data is no small task. Add in a growing number of offices and distributed users… Continue Reading »

cloud backup & disaster recovery solutions

Backup and Disaster Recovery Solutions

Traditional storage methodologies require separate products for backup and disaster recovery – adding cost and complexity. Nasuni has integrated data protection into the primary storage layer – building a storage system that does not need additional backup. Challenge Backup is the ultimate necessary evil – copies of copies of copies of data to ensure the company… Continue Reading »

Global Fileshare

Global File Share

Global file access is already an expectation of most users. Nasuni provides access to a global fileshare of data around the world at local speeds, making it so teams in Singapore, Sao Paolo and San Francisco can collaborate on projects.   Challenge Your end users are spread all over the world, and many teams are now… Continue Reading »

Scale out storage

Scale Out Storage

Uncontrolled and unpredictable data growth destroys even the best storage plans. Unlike other Scale Out Storage products, Nasuni solves the challenge by locally caching cloud storage. The result is less hardware to manage and lower costs.   Challenge Despite your best efforts, data is growing at exponential rates. PowerPoint files, Excel files, photos, video, and… Continue Reading »

Data Archiving

Data Archiving promises reduced costs but also means adding new technologies and new management. Nasuni capitalizes on cloud storage economics and automatically archives data to the cloud, without the need for any additional tools.   The Challenge: Unstructured Data Growth Unstructured data growth and expanding retention policies are forcing you to get creative with the… Continue Reading »

Storage Virtualization

Storage virtualization promises simplified management, lower costs and better data protection, but it comes at the cost of performance at the edge. Nasuni combines centralized storage with distributed caches to consolidate management, but also distribute access for the ideal solution.   Challenge Storage sprawl is a major challenge for IT teams – especially in the… Continue Reading »


Traditional backup solutions are difficult to maintain, overly expensive and prone to failure. Nasuni has integrated data protection into the primary storage layer, building a storage system that eliminates the need for separate backup. The result is cost-effective, easier to manage and far more reliable.   Traditional Backup: The Unnecessary Evil Backup seems to be… Continue Reading »

Disaster Recovery

Traditional approaches to disaster recovery are expensive and complex. Nasuni delivers rapid recovery, guaranteed reliability and simplified management, all at a fraction of the cost of standard disaster recovery solutions.   The Truth About Disaster Recovery When it comes to file access, no disaster is minor. A power outage confined to an office complex and… Continue Reading »

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