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Nasuni makes your data flow and brings it together to deliver for your business: whether you’re preparing your business for AI initiatives or looking to find the right data infrastructure solutions for edge computing.

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Nasuni solves your infrastructure challenges at its foundations

Curate, control, and centralize your data with a new approach to infrastructure

Whatever the goals you have for your business, we have the data infrastructure solutions to help you get there. Securely connect your data with a hybrid cloud approach without limits – just lightning fast backup, synchronization, and recovery.

Reduce risk

Gain best-in-class ransomware mitigation, as well as data backup and disaster recovery as standard

Increase capacity

Set your data strategy alight with no storage limits

Lower costs

Consolidate and control your enterprise data, cutting costs by up to 65%

Challenges we solve

Whatever your data infrastructure challenge, we’ve got the solution to solve it.

Infrastructure modernization

Streamline and centralize control of your data in one platform with a single global file system

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File sharing and synchronization

Eliminate version conflict and simplify sharing in an instant, across multiple locations

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Edge computing

Gain capacity for your data at the edge – fast

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Get fit for AI

Consolidate, curate, and prepare your data for AI solutions

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Ransomware mitigation

Reduce the risk of ransomware attacks and recover at speed

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Backup and disaster recovery

Protect, store, and recover your data faster and more easily

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Multi-site, multi-cloud access

Make your data available to multiple sites and across multiple clouds

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