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All the protection you need in one platform

Backup should be automatic, and disaster recovery should happen in seconds, not days

What if disaster recovery services came as standard with your data storage? What if backup was automatic, complete, and set to whatever intervals met your business needs?

It shouldn’t be standard practice to have costly backup servers and software licenses, just to ensure you don’t miss a thing. Imagine data that’s restored fast, whether it’s a single file, volume, or multiple volumes.

Now you can have unlimited snapshots and you no longer have to worry about a “backup window”. And disaster recovery takes only minutes, and is simple and straightforward.

File recovery in minutes not hours

With Nasuni’s backup and disaster recovery services you can recover millions of files in minutes and form the bedrock of your business continuity strategy. Watch recovery timeframes plummet, and set your own recovery point objectives.

Unlimited immutable snapshots

We offer unlimited snapshots and frequent recovery points for your data

Built-in disaster recovery services

Disaster recovery for your files in seconds, not days, as standard

Instant data recovery

Even across multiple locations, we can restore and recover your data to within a few minutes, and recreate your local cache in the cloud in 15 minutes

Get backup and disaster recovery baked into one platform