The Nasuni File Data Platform

Hybrid cloud architecture made simple

Consolidate data, cut costs, and empower your users with a fluid approach to infrastructure for your hybrid enterprise

Need a new approach to your data infrastructure without full-scale transformation? A hybrid cloud architecture that gives you more agility in storage and security? Better access wherever your users are – at limitless scale?

Welcome to Nasuni.

Make your data accessible, agile, and actionable

Increase control of your enterprise data with a new approach to infrastructure

Your data has value. In a world that demands fluidity fast, it’s critical to harness it.

Nasuni’s flexible, hybrid cloud architecture platform unifies file and object storage for effortless scale. It gives you the power of a global file system, control at the network edge, and insight-ready data.

Cut your costs by up to 65% while migrating your infrastructure at your own pace and with no disruption, all while streamlining your tech stack and consolidating your storage.

When things don’t go as planned, we offer unrivaled backup and file recovery without the need for specialized software.

Access your data in one place, anywhere in the world, and make it actionable.

Get control of your data today

Store, secure, and scale

Simplified file management. Increased storage access. Peak performance.

Effortless scale

Nasuni has no volume, directory, or file size limits, so we’re easier to manage and scale

Fast edge performance

No matter how distributed your data is, access it easily and efficiently all around the world.

Comprehensive security

Gain ransomware protection, disaster recovery, and data backup all in one place

Best-in-class security, built-in data backup

Capture file changes in real-time and eliminate the need for costly backup hardware and software. The Nasuni File Data Platform offers unlimited snapshots for frequent recovery points, as well as disaster recovery for your files in seconds – not days.

Our Ransomware Protection add-on stops attacks at the edge in real time, with an algorithm that alerts you to suspicious file activity and traces the source of the threat. But we’re not just reactive. Once we identify a threat, we isolate it at the edge to prevent further harm. And file recovery is quick and easy, requiring only a couple clicks.

Explore better backup

Perform at the edge

Empower your users to collaborate faster, wherever they are

Your users need to access files wherever work takes them and on whatever device they use – without having performance compromised. With Nasuni, data is stored in encrypted and immutable object storage, so it’s always protected. Even when your users work at the edge, the data behind it is always safe.

Work safer and faster

Move to the cloud without anyone noticing

Plan your cloud migration with minimum disruption

We can help you move to the cloud so smoothly your users don’t even notice. With specialized tools and tested methods for protecting your data, Nasuni can help you realize the benefits of scale and security without disrupting day-to-day business.

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The Nasuni File Data Platform simplifies hybrid cloud architecture with agile storage, infinite scale, and better access for users everywhere.

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