Nasuni customers move from rigid to fluid

A flexible data infrastructure is critical as companies seek to shed legacy constraints of data capacity and size collaboration challenges.

Customers are thrilled with our products and support – our NPS score for customer satisfaction is considered world-class, and our retention rate is the envy of the industry.

We’re better together

Transforming your data infrastructure is a big opportunity, but it’s also a challenge — and hard work for the teams leading the charge. With Nasuni as your trusted partner, we’re not going to let you fail.

Whether it’s helping you update your data architecture or addressing your technical questions, customers know they can depend on Nasuni. We start by hiring brilliant people who genuinely love what they do, then empower them to solve problems and make customers happy.

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Nasuni customers are set up for success with our thriving community, technical documentation, how-tos, and remote troubleshooting.

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Staffed 24/7/365 by support professionals with key industry certifications in storage, cloud, virtualization, networking, and enterprise application technologies.

Professional services add-ons

Draw on our deep expertise in storage, cloud, and unstructured data management to migrate, build a data architecture strategy, expedite your digital transformation, and get health checks.

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