Enhance your business with hybrid cloud storage through effortless scalability, built-in security, and fast edge performance.

Nasuni Edge for Amazon S3:
Take S3 Storage to the Next Level

Nasuni Edge for Amazon S3 allows enterprises to accelerate data access and delivery times while ensuring low-latency access through a single, unified platform.

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The only file architecture built for hybrid cloud storage

Effortless ScalabilityEffortless Scalability
NAS and backup consolidation for fast, easy, and flexible management.
Built-in SecurityBuilt-in Security
Cyber storage for proactive defense and unmatched rapid recovery.
Fast Edge PerformanceFast Edge Performance
Data access everywhere with no changes to apps or user workflows.
Nasuni Empowers Customers to Unlock Critical Data Insights with Microsoft Copilot AI
Organizations Can Consolidate Data Silos in the Cloud and Leverage Microsoft AI Assistants with the Nasuni File Data Platform

Customers harnessing the power of hybrid cloud storage and services

Nasuni Customers

Effortless Scalability for
Peace of Mind

Engineering Systems Inc.

Risk Avoidance with
Built‑In Security


File Access with
Fast Edge Performance

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The only multi-cloud platform that offers you choice

Pay less for better

Nasuni's hybrid cloud approach allows you to save 50% or more compared to refreshing your existing file server and NAS infrastructure, and even more compared to any other hybrid cloud solution.

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