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Fast and efficient hybrid cloud services for media and advertising

Global media and advertising firms move fast — and their files need to move with them. Nasuni’s hybrid cloud services make it easy to share your largest files securely without rigid and expensive hardware-based NAS. Save time and money while empowering your team to work faster, all without capacity limits.


Reduce storage and IT costs

Nasuni makes it easy to take advantage of cloud object storage to cost-effectively store, manage, and protect assets. Our unique infrastructure eliminates the need for NAS and file server hardware, along with separate backup and disaster recovery infrastructure. Time-consuming IT management that needs to predict capacity requirements is a thing of the past. And all this without making any performance trade-offs.


Build a best-in-class team

Nasuni provides infrastructure to build a talented creative team regardless of location, ensuring that geography is not a barrier to get the best person for the job. The platform also supports and accelerates growth by simplifying and accelerating the onboarding of new firms.


Enhance productivity

Global advertising and media firms need to move and sync large files between teams and clients all over the world. Nasuni makes files quickly available through a single global namespace anywhere in the world, without needing specialized synchronizing technology or infrastructure.


Protect files from disasters and data breaches — and get back to work in record time

The Nasuni File Data Platform works differently from traditional NAS hardware solutions. We’ve developed a way to use cost effective cloud object storage to store frequent file snapshots. Your core files can’t be changed or corrupted by ransomware or disasters because we simply back up the system to the most recent snapshot (no more than five minutes in the past). RPOs and RTOs are reduced to minutes instead of days.

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Media and advertising customers

The world’s biggest brands are managing growing data sizes and complexity, mitigating threats to business continuity, and preparing for AI opportunities by modernizing file storage and data protection.

From a managing standpoint it’s very simple, very easy. Nasuni has definitely simplified our lives. It has really paid off.

Kristy Caldwell, Director – IT Operations, Crain Communications

We needed an infrastructure that would support our global ambitions and allow all of our studios to communicate and collaborate seamlessly. Nasuni was the perfect fit.

Sean Probets, IT Manager, 1HQ Brand Agency

If our data center goes down, we can instantly spin up edge appliances in another office, a temporary location, or even in AWS, and be back up and running for our clients in minutes. We’re saving hundreds of thousands of dollars by not having to build and maintain dedicated DR infrastructure.

David Cottman Manager of Graphics Solutions IDL Worldwide

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