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Nasuni S3 Edge

Bringing performance, multi-protocol flexibility, and object access to the edge.

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S3 at the Edge

Delivering data anywhere

Organizations can deploy Nasuni S3 Edge wherever high performance with low latency is required, in self-managed on-premises environments or AWS Local Zones. As one of the many protocols the Nasuni Edge Appliance supports, you get local caching that provides LAN-like performance to meet application owner and user expectations.

A new level of performance

Fast access to data

The S3 protocol brings a level of performance that is essential for high-throughput and volume scenarios. With direct S3 API access at the Edge, applications can run faster and the user experience is outstanding.

This makes it ideal for various industries, including manufacturing, real estate, engineering, construction, and healthcare, where remote facilities with limited bandwidth generate large volumes of data that must be quickly processed and ingested.

Add S3 to your protocol family

Flexible access for applications and users

Access to data often requires other protocols beyond S3 services, such as Server Message Block (SMB) or Network File System (NFS). Nasuni provides multi-protocol flexibility that facilitates a wide range of application access. Access via the S3 protocol works harmoniously with other applications and clients using other protocols.

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