Secure file sharing

Fast access to the latest files

Secure file sharing and synchronization at scale.

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Share unlimited files on a global level

No matter the number of teams or geographies, instantly get everyone on the same page

When you’re working on large projects across multiple locations, you don’t want to have to worry about safe file sharing for your business, file conflict, or version control. Whether you’re dealing with highly sensitive data or enormous design files, it can be a challenge to get everyone working in sync, on the same file – without the worry of losing precious data.

Your global project teams demand fast access to the latest versions of files regardless of where they are. Nasuni makes secure file sharing possible for on-premises, hybrid, and remote teams with local performance, no matter where they are located.

Intelligent global file sharing

Make enterprise file sharing and synchronization easy and productive.

Distribute changes to files in seconds

No matter how many locations you have, users can see updated file changes almost immediately.

Accelerate files globally

Powerful global file acceleration gets shared files and the latest versions into the hands of the experts who need them now.

Prevent version conflict

Cloud-scale global file lock supports billions of conflict-free file changes.

Collaborate without conflict – and at scale