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Cloud migration services

Migrate to the cloud with Nasuni so smoothly, your users won’t even know it’s happened

Let our team do the work for you

Ready for a monumental migration that’s not a big deal?

So, you’re thinking of taking a new approach with Nasuni. We couldn’t be happier (and we want you to feel the same way).

That’s why we want to ensure a smooth rapid transition, using our cloud migration services, which makes you and your end users happy. You can easily move away from your legacy, on-premises infrastructure – whether you’re using NetApp, Isilon, or Windows File Servers. Leave behind capital expenditures, the need to refresh capacity, and storage server maintenance.

We handle the data architecture, tools, project management — and all the hard parts of migration whether it’s a single location or hundreds. Our process gets you to the hybrid cloud with near zero downtime and protects your critical workflows. Critically, your data is backed up as we go to ensure safe transfer and zero disruption.

How do we achieve this? Data migration from your legacy infrastructure happens in the background and in parallel with your regular file access, so your users won’t notice a thing.

Whether you want a speedy approach or step-by-step, we make sure the copying of files is fully validated and tested before any cutover occurs. What’s more, our cloud migration services ensure data is fully encrypted in transit and at rest for maximum protection.

Nasuni can do it all for you and make you master of your own move to the cloud, all on a timeline that works for your project.

Store, secure, and scale your data step-by-step

Cloud migration services at your fingertips

Our Professional Services team will arm you with a platform so powerful, you’ll never need to migrate again.

Our team will ensure you reap the benefits of a fluid approach to infrastructure – without the fuss. With deep knowledge and expertise, they’ll guide you through the implementation and provide a full knowledge transfer to your IT team, ensuring you’re self-sufficient and ready to reconfigure or expand your cloud infrastructure as your data needs adjust.

Realize limitless scale, built-in data security, and fast edge performance.

Our team will ensure:
  • Your implementation is done right and on time
  • Your new infrastructure is built to adapt to change
  • Your files are migrated to the cloud faster
  • Your solution is designed to last – and evolve
  • You get maximum and accelerated ROI

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