File platform analytics

Unstructured data analytics with the Nasuni platform

Support AI initiatives with visibility and control across your global file system.

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Optimize resource utilization

Fast visibility into the health and usage patterns of file data consolidated in the Nasuni platform. Collect usage statistics, events, and file system information to enable features like chargeback reporting, capacity planning, and operational forensics.

Curate and consolidate data to support your AI efforts

Your file data is the foundation for AI-driven innovation and insights. Nasuni IQ ensures you maximize the value of unstructured data analytics. With your data well-understood, curated, and secure, you will be ready for AI.

Easier administration, more proactive decisions

Using the Nasuni IQ solution, IT administrators gain the insights needed to optimize resources, control costs, meet evolving business requirements, and make informed decisions—all from a single dashboard interface.

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Take a quick visual tour of Nasuni IQ and see a few of the ways that you can manage the Nasuni file data platform with the insights you require to uncover new value.

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