Platform ComponentsĀ 

The Leading Hybrid Cloud Storage System

The Nasuni File Data Platform provides organizations of all sizes with hybrid cloud storage solutions that go far beyond what traditional infrastructure or other cloud providers can do. The Nasuni platform frees you from traditional NAS limitations, allowing you to scale your storage as needed, dramatically reduce risk, and lower operating expenses.

Platform Components

The Nasuni File Data Platform’s hybrid cloud storage solutions are driven by six, elegantly architected components and powered by more than 30 patents.

UniFSĀ® Global File System

The UniFSĀ® Global File System scales without limits in AWS, MS Azure, or Google Cloud, eliminating the capacity, volume, snapshot, and file size constraints of hardware-based file systems.

Nasuni Edges

Nasuni Edges are on-premises virtual machines and cloud-based compute instances that cache copies of frequently accessed files wherever high-speed file data access is needed, bringing the most value to our hybrid cloud storage solutions.

Nasuni Orchestration Center

Nasuni Orchestration Center is a zero-maintenance control path built on elastic, multi-region cloud services that enables file data to be shared across locations at any scale and without version conflict.

Nasuni Management Console

Nasuni Management Console is a web-based interface for managing, provisioning, and reporting on Nasuni Edges, volumes, snapshots, recoveries, protocols, and file shares through a single, centralized pane of glass.

Nasuni IQ

Nasuni IQ provides comprehensive visibility into unstructured file data usage, performance, user activity, and collaboration across the Nasuni File Data Platform.

Nasuni APIs

Nasuni APIs are industry standard interfaces that enable Nasuni to be programmatically controlled by scripts or third-party workflow solutions to automate provisioning, reporting, chargeback, and other file data management functions.

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