Built-in data security

Ransomware mitigation, data backup, and disaster recovery services

Nasuni is built around protecting your data, without compromising on edge performance

Respond to attacks at the edge

Traditional file-level data backup and disaster recovery services are costly and put constraints on your data.

Nasuni has a stronger approach to security that allows for a whole lot of flexibility, too.

  • Action at the edge
    Nasuni monitors and blocks suspicious activity and isolates infected files or systems, warning you of potential threats before they can harm your data
  • Proactive protection
    Our platform identifies the source of attacks and blocks file access quickly — plus reports the behavior to enterprise-wide security platforms so they can scour for other intrusions by the source
  • Fewer administrative overheads
    Stop spending IT budget on backup and disaster recovery with an infrastructure that has it as standard

Protect. React. Perform.

Increase control and security of your enterprise data with a new approach to infrastructure

Nasuni was designed to keep data secure throughout its full lifecycle. We fit into your larger security architecture by offering a NIST compliant solution that up-levels and standardizes protection for your distributed file storage.

We also offer best-in-class protection at the edge to identify and contain ransomware. And in the event of any kind of data breach, full file recovery happens in mere minutes.

Protect your data at the edge and on-the-go

Enterprise ransomware protection

Nasuni Ransomware Protection detects attacks instantly at the edge

The Nasuni Ransomware Protection detects attacks at the edge with an algorithm that alerts you to suspicious file activity and traces the source of the threat. But we’re not just reactive. Identified threats are stopped at the edge, and recovery is quick and easy — and available at your fingertips. Get back to business in a couple of clicks.

Even in the event of an attack, you have unparalleled protection because of the unique way Nasuni stores data, giving you built-in ransomware mitigation. Instead of changing original files, we layer each new change on top of the old file using absurdly efficient object storage. This means your data can’t be corrupted — and with metadata attached to each data object, you can immediately retrieve and recover your most recent version with one click.

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Better, built-in backup

Protect your data with unlimited, immutable snapshots

Capture file changes in real-time and eliminate the need for costly backup hardware and software. The Nasuni File Data Platform offers unlimited immutable snapshots for frequent recovery points. Using a immutable snapshot at each file change — instead of changing the source file — means users can retrieve original files in seconds instead of waiting days for a file restore.

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Cloud disaster recovery services

Keep your data locked down with disaster recovery services

Traditional backup and disaster recovery services only protect your data centers and mainframes. Nasuni democratizes disaster recovery so that you no longer have to choose it for just your data center servers and mainframes. Data at any location managed through our edge appliances is protected from everything from day to day mishaps to full-scale natural disasters.

Nasuni protects your files from data loss and corruption by storing them as read-only objects in low-cost object cloud storage. In a data loss event, you can easily restore any file, directory or volume in minutes across any and every location.

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End-to-end encryption

The Nasuni File Data Platform’s robust security model begins with a foundation of strong encryption.

Nasuni encrypts all file data with AES-256 encryption to ensure that the data is secure in transit to and at rest in cloud object storage. Customers create and hold the encryption keys, so neither Nasuni nor the cloud provider can decrypt or view the file data.

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Nasuni’s backup and disaster recovery services offer a world-class approach to data protection and ransomware mitigation.