Edge computing solutions

Hybrid cloud storage performance and high-capacity at the edge

Fast edge performance for your enterprise.

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We give our customers the edge at the edge

If your users need storage capacity, deployment, and speed at the edge, you’ve come to the right place

Nasuni’s unique architecture and edge computing solutions provide unlimited capacity and performant storage. All while protecting your data with frequent immutable snapshots to the cloud. Are you looking to build your entire storage architecture in the cloud? No problem. Nasuni’s edge appliances can run in any cloud and still provide local users with the performance they need.

Fast performance at the edge

If you’re looking for edge computing solutions that meet your users’ needs, look no further.

Respond quickly

Perform at the edge while making sure your data is stored securely in a central location

First-class protection

Gain ransomware edge detection, mitigation and incident reports, so you can keep performing

No capacity limits

Scale edge capacity if and when you need it

Multi-protocol support

Operate across multiple protocols with one solution

Perform and protect at the edge