Multi-cloud, multi-site access

Multi-cloud management in one platform

The platform that takes care of your multi-cloud, multi-site data infrastructure.

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A global file system for your data management needs

A new approach to data access

Multi-cloud management in multiple locations across your data infrastructure can be incredibly complex. This is especially true when you’re merging with or acquiring new businesses, or simply going through business changes.

It’s also difficult to get a broad view of data access across different businesses and locations, and gain total visibility in the cloud. And in cloud environments that combine public and private clouds, the complexity just keeps growing.

Whether multi-site, multi-cloud management is a challenge for you today, or you’re anticipating complications as you grow, you need a data infrastructure that can handle everything.

Any site, any cloud storage management

The Nasuni File Data Platform gives you a broader view of all your data – whether you’re working with Microsoft Azure, AWS, Google Cloud Storage, or a private cloud – across as many locations and sites as you need to manage.

Cloud agnostic platform

Our multi-cloud management platform offers interoperability for all your data, across whatever cloud environments you use

Centralized data infrastructure

Whatever your location, and however many sites you have, your data will be stored securely and centrally

Insights at your fingertips

Data usage patterns, charge-back information, and business insight data are built-in to the platform

Swimming in a sea of multi-cloud complexity? We’ve got you covered.