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Do You Have What it Takes to Join One of the Coolest, Fastest-Growing Companies on the Planet?


In addition to the standard benefits such as comprehensive medical, dental, and vision plans that start on day 1 of employment, Nasuni offers many benefits you won’t find at other companies. Benefits and perks vary by geography, but generally include:

  • A “take it as you need it” paid time off policy
  • $5,000 employee referral bonuses
  • Work from home options
  • Flexible commuting schedules
  • Complimentary snacks and beverages
  • Humanscale workstations with built-in standing / sitting desks
  • Dry cleaning services
  • Easy accessibility to our Boston office via commuter rail, MBTA, and water shuttle
  • Complimentary shuttle service to downtown Boston areas
  • Complimentary onsite fitness center
  • Pre-tax commuter benefits in Boston and CA
  • HSA and FSA plans
  • Nasuni covers 100% of the cost of short and long-term disability, basic life, and accidental death and dismemberment insurance for its employees
  • Incentive stock option purchase plan
  • Retirement plans

Additionally, we care about your social activities. In our Boston office we offer a dedicated employee game area with space for drone fly-offs, monthly company social events, an in-house restaurant and cafés, plenty of restaurants and breweries within walking distance, and a Hubway bike share right outside our building.


Company Culture

At every stage in your career, it is important to do an honest assessment of your job by asking yourself the following questions:

  • Am I learning?
  • Are there opportunities for career progression?
  • Am I respected and appreciated?
  • Am I compensated fairly?
  • If the company does well, do I share in that success beyond my salary?

If the answer to any of these questions is no, then you should consider looking for a new opportunity.

What is celebrated in today’s world seems to focus on work environments that have casual dress, ping pong tables, beer in the fridge, a workout center on site, unlimited vacation, free snacks, open office space, and nap pods. Nasuni has all of that (except for nap pods). But these perks, which create a great work environment, are only what attracts people to our company. What develops people, retains them, and enables them to grow and realize their full potential at Nasuni are being able to answer YES to the five questions we outlined above.

Am I learning?

Nasuni provides the most scalable, high performance file services platform for the new era of cloud storage, enabling enterprises to better store, protect, access and manage unstructured data across all global locations. Sounds fancy, doesn’t it? What that means is we have turned a traditional file system upside down and redesigned it to take advantage of cloud storage. This makes it easier and less expensive for companies to store, share and collaborate on their data. While “infrastructure technology” might not sound sexy, the fact is that data rules the world – and we make it easy for companies to use their data to innovate and grow. In order to accomplish that, we need very innovative and creative thinkers to design, build, service and bring our products to market. Nasuni is a goldmine for creative, entrepreneurial, and ambitious minds. And, while we look for folks with relevant experience, we also have a successful track record of pushing folks out of their comfort zones to take on more than they think they are ready for. We know that when you challenge people and surround them with what they need to succeed, they will deliver. We want our employees to always be learning, growing and taking on more, and in a company that is seeing its employee base grow over 50% per year, plenty of these opportunities exist.

Are there opportunities for career progression?

Nasuni has a policy that all job openings will be posted internally and existing employees will be considered first. In 2017, we had 16 internal promotions which filled more than 50% of the new positions for the year. We want to hire from within – because our existing employees are our best employees – and we are committed to grow with them.

Am I respected and appreciated?

Nasuni is a company that has an organization chart. We know some companies believe organizations should be flat and there should be no titles. We are not that. We believe structure and responsibility is necessary to make sure we are building the best company in Boston and we can deliver our solution to some of the biggest, best-known companies in the world. However, we insist on being a culture of respect – up and down. Everyone has a voice and a perspective that should be heard. And the proof is in the numbers – in 2017, Nasuni grew our employee base 53%. 40% of the new employees added were from employee referrals. Nasuni’s employee turnover rate is in the low single digits. We are proud that people like working here so much that they want their friends to join the company, too.

Am I compensated fairly?

We dedicate an inordinate amount of time to doing research to make sure we are paying very competitive rates to our employees. But it is the little things that happen so often at Nasuni that differentiates us. It is not uncommon for a Customer Support Engineer to receive a gift certificate for a night on the town for two for handling a case late into the evening. Or a Software Engineer to get a $500 spot bonus for mentoring a new employee. Or an Inside Sales Rep to receive a fully vested stock option grant for playing a key role on a cross-functional initiative. We want to make sure our employees know we recognize and appreciate when they go above and beyond for the team.

If the company does well, do I share in that success beyond my salary?

Nasuni is a team. Every employee is a key member of our team and every employee will share in the team’s success. The CEO has the exact same bonus structure as the entry level specialist right out of college. If we accomplish our company objectives, every employee is rewarded based on the same metrics. And every employee is an option holder, so no matter what road our company eventually heads down, we will all participate in the winnings. We will win as a team, together.

At Nasuni, we believe that the answer to these five questions should always be yes, and we focus on making sure every employee can answer these questions that way. We know if we accomplish this objective, we will have the strongest employee base in the city and we’ll have a great company.