Data Security

Turbocharge Your SecOps Dashboard with Visibility from the Edge

Accelerate your ecosystem-wide threat response posture via SIEM solutions like Microsoft Sentinel with insights from Nasuni. Nasuni protects your vast file share environment, minimizes the blast radius from an attack when it happens, and shares essential event information with SIEM platforms. Your SecOps team gets the early warning they need to launch automated responses, perform investigations and meet compliance requirements for reporting.


A File Data Platform That Makes Traditional Backup and Recovery Solutions Obsolete

Conventional backup solutions require significant hardware and software to run a typical 3-2-1 data protection strategy. Replication strategies introduce substantial risk, and by the time a security breach is detected, the damage has spread across multiple backup copies. Recovery of files or volumes is often lengthy and problematic – extending downtime and impacting productivity.

Nasuni changes all that. You can recover entire volumes in minutes with infinite file versioning and immutable snapshots. You no longer need traditional backup and recovery for your file share environment, thanks to the innovative Nasuni platform architecture.

Support for your Zero-Trust Strategy

Secure file access is a critical component of your Zero Trust strategy. Nasuni supports Zero Trust by enforcing an orchestrated trust relationship. Nasuni ensures that all writes to object storage are trusted and cannot be corrupted by a rogue actor or device.

Ransomware Mitigation at the Edge

When data corruption occurs, Nasuni immediately mitigates the impact. When an attack occurs, the Nasuni global file system is not impacted. In minutes, you can recover impacted files, folders, or even entire volumes. The business continues uninterrupted while the files are quickly restored thanks to infinite, immutable snapshots.

Ultra-Fast Disaster Recovery for your File Share Environment

Forget everything you know about how long it takes to recover data in the face of an unexpected disaster. Whether it’s a power outage, a local flood, or a human-caused outage, Nasuni blows the doors off traditional Disaster Recovery (DR) solutions. With Nasuni, you create a new virtual Edge instance for the impacted region, and users can return to work. DR typically takes 15 minutes with Nasuni, a significant improvement over traditional DR processes.

Technical Highlights

  • Random AES 256-bit encryption at each Nasuni Edge device
  • Customer controlled asymmetric master keys for AES-256 encryption
  • Transport Layer Security (TLS) provides end-to-end confirmation of data security and integrity
  • CIFS authentication and permissions for shares
  • Support for SNMP Monitoring
  • Selective remote access – restrict or allow access to a volume for your remote offices and users
  • Immutable Snapshots with Air-Gap Protection
  • Role-based access control to define granular access permissions

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Customer Testimonials

“The ability to use the Microsoft Sentinel SIEM solution with Nasuni is key for us to monitor any anomalies or bad activities that might be happening in our unstructured data. Nasuni-Sentinel integration has added an important component to our entire defense-in-depth strategy that we have with the MSFT suite of security tools.”
– Brian Erickson, Manager, IT Implementation & Acquisitions, APi Group

“”Whatever cloud solution you are heading toward, make sure it has the same type of security and backups that Nasuni provides. Anything less than that would be a step down from what we have today. I don’t see a lot of economical cloud solutions out there that can rival the solid backup that Nasuni provides.”
– Fee Chong, Systems Analyst at RRC Power & Energy, LLC