User Productivity

Fast Large File Sharing

Whether your teams collaborate on a PowerPoint deck, a large creative design file, or engineering project files like AutoCAD or Revit, Nasuni streamlines access to large and complex files for distributed teams, delivering localized performance and access without latency-induced delays.

Multi-site Collaboration

Speed up multi-site project work with fast file synchronization, sharing, and global file locking. Project teams will spend less time merging multiple incorrect file versions or waiting for updates and more time getting projects done.


Support Remote and Hybrid User Access

Remote users need high-performance file access to stay in sync with ongoing projects irrespective of location; Nasuni delivers secure access to central file data at very high speeds without requiring a VPN.

Secure Two-way External Collaboration

Organizations working with clients, contractors, and joint-venture partners must share content, preferably without file size limits. The unified Nasuni environment allows you to securely share files with outside parties while maintaining your required security.

Proven VDI Integrations

The Nasuni architecture ensures that nothing will slow down the VDI user experience and enables distributed VDI users to access and share the same files “locally,” no matter how many VDI farms, pods, or sites you deploy.