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Move File Storage to the Cloud with AWS & Nasuni

With the power of AWS and Nasuni, you get everything you need to get started with moving your files to the cloud including backups, high performance local access, and 15-minute disaster recovery. With the world’s only global file system, UniFS®, Nasuni consolidates Network Attached Storage (NAS) and file server silos in the cloud all at half the cost of traditional file infrastructures.

Standard Nasuni and AWS Offerings available through AWS Marketplace:


Nasuni & AWS Solutions

Nasuni on AWS

Powered by the UniFS®global file system, Nasuni consolidates NAS and file server silos in Amazon S3, delivering infinite scale, built-in backup, global file sharing, and local file server performance, at half the cost of traditional file infrastructures.

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Cloud VDI

Combined with cloud object storage, Nasuni provides VDI file storage that costs up to 50% less, and offers greater scalability, higher performance, and more flexibility than hardware-centric file services built on traditional NAS file server, backup, replication, and disaster recovery technologies.

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The world’s biggest brands have prepared for the future by modernizing their file storage and data protection with AWS and Nasuni.

“In using Nasuni in combination with AWS we can ensure our data is safe, protected and always available when needed. Nasuni is a well thought out environment that makes administration easier for all. What i like most about the Nasuni/AWS solution is it provides a very efficient hybrid option of having your data cached on-prem but also the protected benefits of a cloud solution.”

Brad Poirier, Director, Data Center and Systems Support, Livingston

“The AWS + Nasuni solution is benefitting my organization by having reliable backups and restores, but also having users all over the world sharing our data makes my life so much easier. I save hundreds of hours each year by not having to maintain backups of our data. Plus, it makes restores a breeze.”

Scott Ruzicka, VP of Systems, ESD Global

“The AWS and Nasuni solution saves our resources on site, allows access from anywhere in the world, removes hassle from our site, and gives us some breathing room by allowing the maintenance to be on another provider. ”

Davis Hart, Senior Systems Engineer, City of Dothan

“When we ran file servers on-premise we had to worry about backups and restores. Moving to Nasuni + AWS has made this a thing of the past. ”

Jay Haque, Director of Infrastructure and Operations, The New York Public Library

“Nasuni is helping us to seamlessly share files globally – it’s been very helpful given the distributed nature of our org.”

Marty Harris, Senior Storage Engineer, EA

“The thing we like most about the Nasuni + AWS solution is Uptime. We have 100 percent uptime off all shares all the time. If people makes mistakes with a file or folder, due to editing or deletion we can restore any folder or any file every 2 minutes. There is nothing like Nasuni out there that has the performance or redundancy like this.”

John Seckner, Network Admin, Paperwork Industries

“The AWS and Nasuni combination has had a huge improvement on our ability to provision storage on demand. The snapshot feature allows us to retrieve previous versions of files in seconds, no need to access tapes from storage. We also have piece of mind that data is spread across multiple data centers providing us with much needed HA.”

Nick Dunn, IT Director, PRP Architects

“Being able to have users across the country and globe access and share files via the cloud and AWS has worked well beyond expectations. One of the things we find most valuable is how quickly we can restore a deleted file. An unexpected byproduct of this feature is the ransomware protection that Nasuni provides as well.”

Doug Falone, Dotdash Meredith

“The performance we see from Nasuni on AWS so far has been great, much better than expected by myself and the user community. The fast storage in mix with bigger faster internet pipes to facilitate updating the cache has increase performance and response time to the Nasuni filers in comparison to on prem filers. On top of that we can get significantly more users per filer.”

Phillip Bloom, Hosting Architect, Trane Technologies

“Nasuni and AWS just work together. If you can set up an S3 bucket, you can connect Nasuni into it and start using this like traditional storage. No extra need for APIs (unless you want to) to make things work. It's like having the best of a traditional file server, with all the benefits of what Nasuni does (Web, SFTP, Backups, etc.) all built in.”

Daniel Halchak, Sr. Systems Engineer, Matthews International

“We’re considering using filers to replace file servers for AWS in-Region needs. Nasuni + AWS is extremely easy to manage, immutable storage offers easy ransomware recovery, and it's integration with Varonis eliminates the costs and permits full file system scans without any performance impact.”

Anthony Scrimenti, Senior Director, Architecture and Cloud Services, Wyndham Worldwide

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Elsevier is using Nasuni on AWS to enable its content managers to more easily share documents, images, drawings, and other large-format files.


Barry Isett and Associates turned to Nasuni to eliminate latency issues and extend high-performance file access to multiple locations.

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Cooley Group used Nasuni to accelerate data access and replication between offices & simplify IT infrastructure.

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Manhard Consulting turned to Nasuni to cut backup costs, improve DR, and transform its outdated infrastructure.

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With Nasuni, TBG Partners can finally focus on enhancing business productivity, not tracking down lost files.

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An AWS Well-Architected Solution

In addition to its AWS Storage & Digital Workplace competencies, Nasuni satisfies the AWS Well-Architected framework standard. Nasuni helps customers and ISV partners build the most secure, high-performing, resilient, and efficient storage infrastructure possible. The Nasuni Orchestration Center (NOC), which acts as a separate control path, is fully implemented using the following AWS services:

  • AWS Elastic Load Balancing
  • Amazon Simple Queue Service (SQS)
  • Amazon Simple Email Service (SES)
  • Amazon Lambda and Amazon API
  • Amazon DynamoDB
  • Amazon S3
  • Amazon Route 53
  • AWS CloudFormation