Nasuni File Data Platform Add-Ons

Ransomware Protection


Nasuni Ransomware Protection provides a highly effective and integrated solution that follows the NIST framework, detects attacks instantly at the edge, responds and recovers before an attack spreads.

With Nasuni, you can detect and recover from a ransomware attack within minutes, getting your users back to productivity quickly and saving money with an ironclad backup and recovery plan.

APi Group“With the latest Nasuni release we have enhanced our business resiliency strategy by enabling the ability to detect, alert and respond to ransomware attacks, as well as rapidly recover from any possible data encryption.”

Multi-Site Collaboration

Nasuni Multi-Site Collaboration makes file synchronization easy. Experience faster data propagation, reduced version conflict, and productivity gains across multiple locations for any file size.

When time is money (and it always is), get shared files and the latest versions into the hands of the experts who need to work collaboratively on them as fast as possible.

Multi-Site Collaboration
Leo A Daly“It was already simple to manage and collaborate on our global file shares across 27 locations and file synchronization has always been much faster than traditional methods. But with this latest release, the performance is dramatically faster.”

Access Anywhere


Nasuni Access Anywhere delivers high-performance file access for remote and hybrid users, along with secure external file sharing governed by IT policies.

Having a remote and hybrid work strategy is more important than ever. Give your employees the best tools to access file data, and give your IT team the peace of mind that file access is secure and auditable – no matter where people are.

res“Nasuni enables our engineers to connect to project shares from home with ease, and synchronize files to their desktops for fast access.”