Provide More Capacity at a Lower Cost

Empower design sites, production facilities, and even remote and branch operations with unlimited file storage capacity. Meet your production deadlines with continuous access to design files, PLM data, IoT data or operational files, regardless of location. And power it all with the private or public object store of your choice.

Accelerate Manufacturing, Engineering, and Design Workflows

Boost your PLM system performance and accelerate CAD/CAM design work with Nasuni. By unifying hard-to-manage storage silos under one global file system, Nasuni allows sites in different locations to securely, quickly, and easily share and collaborate on the most recent versions of any type of file – including complex CAD/CAM models. Nasuni allows you to unleash the creative and productive potential of locations around the globe, enabling faster, more efficient workflows.

Save 50% in an OpEx Model

Nasuni enables companies to eliminate expensive file sharing solutions like WAN acceleration, MPLS, and replication software. The days of needing separate solutions for sharing files, backing them up, storing and protecting them are over. File storage shifts to an OPEX model built around a single solution that combines NAS, cloud backup, and disaster recovery (DR) – and saves companies 50% on average.

Reduce Downtime and Ransomware Risk

If a site goes down, Nasuni can restore access to files for those users in 15 minutes. By providing predictable RTO’s and RPO’s, Nasuni lets you recover from ransomware attacks quickly. Files can be restored to within minutes of when an attack occurred. The result is your manufacturing and design process can continue with minimal interruption.

Unlock Global Collaboration

As a single platform providing file availability to each and every location, from design sites to factories, Nasuni is ideally suited for the PLM, CAD/CAM/CAE design and production data, and IoT workflows required in today’s manufacturing environments.


The world’s biggest brands have prepared for the future by modernizing their file storage and data protection with Nasuni.

We are most efficient when our manufacturing facilities are running. Any downtime costs money. Nasuni has increased productivity across the company by dramatically improving file access across remote offices.

Sandy Bodell, Vice President of Information Technology, Cooley Group

Among our engineering community, it has become absolutely life changing. The performance we’re getting is just radically different from what we were seeing before. It just absolutely changes the way they work and it has absolutely revolutionized their productivity.

Todd Stewart, Vice President, Global Infrastructure and IT Operations, Western Digital

A Teamcenter architecture in combination with a Nasuni global file system significantly improves the time it takes for Engineering and Product documents to be shared across global locations.

Olaf Rupprecht, CIO, AIXTRON SE

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Cooley Group used Nasuni to accelerate data access and replication between offices & simplify IT infrastructure.

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UK-based manufacturer SAS traded its ageing file servers for Nasuni, speeding up file access everywhere.

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Sound United leverages Nasuni as one infinitely scalable solution for storing, protecting and accessing all of its unstructured data.

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Western Digital cuts global file transfer latency from hours to minutes and unifies three companies under one platform.

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