Public Sector

Do More With Your IT Budget

State and local agencies that modernize their file storage with Nasuni stop paying for hardware refreshes, backup software, media servers, tapes, archival storage, or any other data protection. On average, Nasuni clients save 50% relative to traditional NAS, file server infrastructure, and backup costs.

Don’t Fear Ransomware Attacks

Ransomware is evolving, and public sector agencies and municipalities have been hit hard. Relying on traditional backups mean it can take days or weeks to recover. Nasuni mitigates Ransomware hits by restoring files to just minutes before the attack over a coffee break. No lengthy tape restores or expensive data archive downloads. No lost worker productivity.

Green Consolidation

Nasuni enables state and local agencies to consolidate file data in cloud storage (e.g. AWS S3, Microsoft Azure Storage) instead of leaving it siloed on traditional, on-premises file servers or NAS. Free from physical device constraints, agencies enjoy a significantly smaller data center footprint, reducing rack space, power consumption, and hardware management. Typical Nasuni customers reduces their on-premises infrastructure by 90%, which satisfies almost all state, local, and federal green/environmental initiatives.

Productivity & Collaboration

The basic inability to quickly and easily share files between locations contributes to major project delays and cost overruns, not to mention a poor experience for constituents. Sharing files within departments, from one site to another, or even between government agencies and outside contractors becomes much simpler with Nasuni. Nasuni is optimized to support the most popular software packages like AutoCAD, Revit, InRoads, RevU, Sketchup, and more.


The world’s biggest brands have prepared for the future by modernizing their file storage and data protection with Nasuni.

Nasuni is saving us about 50% of our time and it costs us about 60% less than a traditional SAN.

Rob Zschernitz, CTO, The Field Museum

We have been on this three-year journey to transform the IT side of our business with better tools and a standardized infrastructure. Nasuni is a critical part of this digital transformation plan to help our employees work more efficiently and offer better service to our clients.

Stan Berris, Questar Assessment, Inc.

If we lost our data center, all we would have to do is find a PC and point to the Nasuni share in the cloud. It would literally take minutes to recover data.

Paul Feilmeier, IT Director, Faith Regional Health Services

The Field Museum vastly improves data protection and achieves a 60% reduction in total infrastructure costs with Nasuni.

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Saint Michael’s College simplified its infrastructure with a single solution that combines unlimited storage, backup, and DR.

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