Professional Services

Unlimited Cloud Storage

Nasuni streamlines and consolidates file storage in the cloud while using local edge appliances to provide fast, secure access to active file data. Leading professional services firms around the world are using Nasuni to replace their costly, complex silos of legacy NAS, file servers, backup software, file archiving, disaster recovery (DR) infrastructure, and WAN acceleration, replication, and enterprise file sync and share software (EFSS) solutions with a single platform.

Agile, Adaptive Infrastructure

The cloud-native architecture of Nasuni allows global professional services firms like SDL to switch to a more agile, adaptive file infrastructure. Companies can deploy local Nasuni Edge Appliances at headquarters and remote offices, or cloud-based appliances that ensure files stay close to VDI instances. As one example, when the pandemic struck, Nasuni enabled one of our professional services customers to deploy 1,500 virtual desktops with cloud-based access to file shares – all in a single weekend.

Lower Costs

By moving file storage off local hardware and into cost-effective cloud storage, Nasuni reduces local edge hardware by up to 98% and drives tremendous cost savings. Companies no longer need to rely on additional backup and DR solutions or remote access technologies, leading to additional savings. Many Nasuni customers reduce their overall file infrastructure costs by at least 50%.

Reduced Risk

By replacing traditional backup and disaster recovery solutions with Continuous File Versioning® to the cloud, Nasuni vastly improves recovery times and recovery points. All offices and remote sites enjoy the same level of data protection, ensuring they won’t stay down for long, even in the event of ransomware attacks. With Nasuni, access to files can be restored in minutes.

Accelerated Collaboration

High-speed file synchronization and global file locking allow globally distributed teams and professionals in different locations to work as if they’re in the same office. The latest copies of files are rapidly available to every global site and transfer times for large files are cut from hours to minutes or even seconds.


The world’s biggest brands have prepared for the future by modernizing their file storage and data protection with Nasuni.

Nasuni was essential in our transition to an all-remote workforce as the COVID-19 pandemic spread. Thanks to Nasuni and Amazon WorkSpaces, we were able to set up virtual desktops for 1,500 essential employees over a weekend.

John Flynn, Head of Technical Architecture, SDL

All of our old file servers are gone now. We’ve shut those file servers down and we’re pointing everything to Nasuni.

Michael Norman, Infrastructure Engineer, Penspen

Legendary auction house traded it's traditional NetApp solution for the Nasuni Hybrid Cloud Solution for effortless scalability and built-in security.

A global network of over 300,000 professionals across 120 companies deployed a cloud-native file system to meet its cloud-first initiative.

Global leader in real estate services and investment management relies on Nasuni for business continuity and ransomware resiliency.

With more than 105,000 professionals in over 100 countries, this global leader in commercial real estate services and investment benefits from reduced costs and fast access for its global employee base with Nasuni.

Premier real estate investment company with $3.4B in assets under management and development turned a StorSimple EOL event into an advantage by upgrading to Nasuni.

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