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Faster, better information sharing across offices

Driving profits and growing your client base require teamwork, and teams need access to the most up-to-date information regardless of where they are located. Internal reporting data, financial news, financial models, regulation and compliance data, communications with clients – all of it needs to be securely and quickly available to employees anywhere. With Nasuni, synchronizing and accessing data from around the globe is simple and easy.

Protect your data and achieve compliance

Growth in your records, or the size of your firm, shouldn’t mean more risk for your files. That’s why we’ve partnered with Varonis and other data governance solutions to offer you file security from creation to long-term storage. With the Nasuni platform you get to keep unlimited versions of your files, indefinitely, in a secure location, while being able to retrieve them instantly. Nasuni’s user-controlled encryption enables your firm to comply with the security requirements of GDPR and other environments as well.

Simplify your storage management

With Nasuni you can eliminate racks of data center storage and dozens of hours of IT support every month. Nasuni frees up hours of IT team with automatic built-in file backup, easy file restore processes, and a single management console that makes provisioning new shares simple.

Lower your firm’s file storage costs and switch to an OpEx model

Eliminate expensive file sharing solutions like WAN acceleration, MPLS, and replication software. Consolidate varied solutions for storing and sharing files, backing them up, storing and protecting them into one platform. Nasuni allows you to put file storage in an OpEx model and streamline your infrastructure with a single solution that combines file storage, cloud backup, and disaster recovery (DR) – saving companies 50% on average.


The world’s biggest brands have prepared for the future by modernizing their file storage and data protection with Nasuni.

You can share file data around the globe within minutes, and I can’t underestimate how fantastic that is. When the pandemic forced several of our American employees to return to the U.S. from London, they needed their data available and close, and that’s one area where Nasuni really helped. Nasuni gives you fantastic flexibility with your data on a global scale.

Matt Wardle, Wintel Manager, Man Group

At least once a week we’d get a call about an office running out of space. We’d have to talk our end users through what kind of data they could delete. We were really fed up having to go through that process, buying new disks every year, and then new shelves. We were looking for a much more agile solution, something that wouldn’t rely on physical hardware.

Matt Wardle, Wintel Manager, Man Group

If a colleague at another company had concerns about migration to the cloud and about the solution’s performance, I would say "Go ahead and do it. It will make your life a lot easier and the transition is not that difficult."

Jeff Pisano, Head Of Information Technology, Invictus Capital Partners

Investment bank accelerates collaboration across global offices by moving off of NetApp to Nasuni.

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Online trading pioneer for retail investors, and now part of Morgan Stanley, invested in Nasuni to benefit from strong security and cost savings.

A global network of over 300,000 professionals across 120 companies deployed a cloud-native file system to meet its cloud-first initiative.

Investment management focused on delivering performance relies on Nasuni to provide them a file data platform that is scalable, simple to manage, and secure.

A private equity and alternative assets firm relies on Nasuni knowing their files are protected and accessible.

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