Risk Avoidance

Mitigate Ransomware

On average, 80% of your data resides in file shares. This large potential attack surface and the number of users engaged with this data demands constant monitoring. Nasuni brings fast ransomware detection, immediate mitigation, rapid targeted recovery, and enterprise-level SIEM integration. Ransomware is a constant threat to the security and viability of your business. Nasuni keeps you up and running.

Extremely Fast File Recovery

Files, even entire volumes, can be recovered in minutes with Nasuni. Faster file recovery means a quicker return to productivity for users and no working over the weekend to restore file access for administrators. When downtime can cost your business $9000 per minute1 (or more), the speed of recovery matters.

1 https://www.pingdom.com/outages/average-cost-of-downtime-per-industry/

Eliminate Traditional File Backup

The unique Nasuni architecture lets you “set it and forget it” when protecting your file data. Simplify your file backup strategy and reduce costs with built-in data protection.

15-Minute Disaster Recovery

When the inevitable happens due to an unexpected event, you must get data back online as quickly as possible. With Nasuni, if a site goes down, file access for users can be restored within 15 minutes or less. No more waiting hours or days to get back up and running.