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Optimized for AEC Applications

Nasuni is optimized for the most popular software packages such as AutoCAD, Revit, InRoads, RevU, Sketchup, and more to be shared in a single, global namespace anywhere in the world, replacing the silos of NAS arrays and file servers scattered across job sites and remote offices. While the size and complexity of these files have grown tremendously in recent years, Nasuni easily provides AEC firms with a solution that supports their need to cost-effectively store, manage, and protect these important file assets without sacrificing performance to architects and project managers on the ground.

Built-in Protection

Nasuni not only makes it easier and faster to get work done, it also makes IT’s job easier. Traditional backup software, media servers, tapes, and archival storage, along with their high costs, are a thing of the past. Replaced with Nasuni’s modern, built-in file ‘snapshots’ so files can be restored to virtually any point in time from a drop-down menu in minutes. Recovery points (RPO) are reduced to minutes, and recovery times (RTO) are reduced to seconds. What’s more, IT can recover from equipment failures and natural disasters at any location in as little as 15 minutes (not days).

Real Cloud Scale PLUS Local Performance

Nasuni uses the scale and economics of the cloud for unlimited, on-demand file capacity, but maintains the fast, local access to files that AEC firms depend on with virtual edge appliances. Remote teams of architects, engineers, and BIM managers across locations can work together on the same project files as if they were sitting next to each other.


The world’s biggest brands have prepared for the future by modernizing their file storage and data protection with Nasuni.

We can move data from one place to another place, but we still have that single source of truth across all our studios around the world. So, we’re not replicating data from one place to another and creating these inefficiencies. If you think about the drivers for why Nasuni is at Perkins+Will, it’s fundamentally about economics and rock solid, reliable performance.

Murali Selvaraj, Chief Information Office, Perkins + Will

We’ve consolidated all of our data into Nasuni and we are probably saving 60%

Kevin Wildman, Director of IT, Hull & Associates

Nasuni is a very reliable and robust platform. It’s one thing I don’t need to worry about on evenings or weekends anymore. If you have collaborative needs or are looking to move to the cloud, I can’t think of a better product than Nasuni.

Brian Erickson, IT Implementation & Acquisition Manager, APi Group

Nasuni was possibly one of the best investments we ever made because it removed all the stress of owning millions of files at 25 branches—and backing them up quickly and safely—and being able to restore them quickly and completely. This is the real beauty of Nasuni.

Bernd Gewehr, Director of IT, Vossing

When the global design firm outgrew its SharePoint deployment, IT turned to Nasuni for scalable capacity, efficient global collaboration and ransomware protection.

AEC firm accelerated their engineering workflows and bolstered their ransomware protection with Nasuni.

Ramboll, responsible for the largest advanced waterwaste treatment plant in the world, deployed 3PB of data with Nasuni unifying thousands of employees and hundreds of locations worldwide.

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Innovative Architecture Firm JERDE uses Nasuni to support global growth.

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