Operational Excellence

Modernize Your Infrastructure

The data center has moved to the cloud. With Nasuni, you can eliminate on-premises infrastructure, consolidate your existing NAS, and meet your cloud-first initiatives.

Reduce Costs

By consolidating your unstructured data in Nasuni, you will join hundreds of other customers who have saved 50% or more by eliminating reliance on legacy NAS hardware, data protection hardware and software licenses, and older storage technologies.

Eliminate Traditional File Backup

The unique Nasuni architecture lets you “set it and forget it” when protecting your file data. Simplify your file backup strategy and reduce costs with built-in data protection.

Activity Monitoring & Analysis

Track usage patterns across users, departments, and volumes. The Nasuni IQ solution gives administrators and senior leaders the insights needed to optimize storage, manage capacity, and facilitate chargeback reporting.


Simplify Administration

Reduce demands on your IT resources by centralizing the management of file shares into a single administrative experience. Best of all, it’s easy to deploy capacity where it is needed with just a few keystrokes, allowing you to utilize every terabyte efficiently.