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Nasuni Customers Say It All

”If I had a colleague in another company who had concerns about migration to the cloud and Nasuni’s performance in that area, I would tell them that the migration from our NAS environment to Nasuni was quite simple.”

– Tony Benko, Server Analyst, McGough Construction


Get To the Cloud Quickly

With Nasuni, you will meet or beat your cloud-first timeline. With specialized tools, thorough planning and preparation, proven best practices, and the ability to be up and running on Nasuni on day one, you will realize the scalability, security, and performance benefits of Nasuni in no time.

No Impact on Your Business

Zero downtime. No impact on users or workflows. The data movement from your legacy infrastructure happens in the background and in parallel with regular file access, with a quick cutover that ensures the business is uninterrupted.

The Right Tools for the Job

The Right Tools for the Job

Every customer has a unique environment, so Nasuni works with a variety of migration tools, including specialized solutions like GuruSquad Rich Copy, Datadobi, Vcinity.io, AZCopy, and other tools like Robocopy, Secure Copy, and Rsync. You can be confident that the appropriate and proven technology is being used to make your migration as efficient as possible.

Safe And Secure from Start to Finish

Whatever the pace of your migration to Nasuni, the copying of files is fully validated and tested before any cutover occurs. Data is fully encrypted in transit and at rest, and there is no opportunity for data loss.

Set Yourself Up for Long-Term Success

Working with the Nasuni Professional Services team, you will realize the full benefit of their experience, best practices, and guidance every step of the way. A full knowledge transfer to your IT team ensures that you will be self-sufficient and ready to reconfigure or expand your cloud infrastructure anytime. And with a platform built to scale along with your business, you will never need to migrate again.

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Make the Smart Move

Organizations worldwide are realizing the significant benefits of the Nasuni File Data Platform. The infinite scalability, built-in file data security, fast performance, and cost savings are improving operations and increasing user productivity every day. Migrating with Nasuni ensures you can realize all those benefits quickly and without risk.