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Nasuni turns the file system upside down, storing all files and metadata in limitless cloud object storage, and caching active data wherever fast access is needed. You can consolidate all your NAS and remote office file servers on one scalable platform. And save a bundle in capital and operational costs doing it.

A modern workforce needs a modern file storage solution that lets globally distributed teams share and collaborate on files from any number of locations. No more waiting. No more version conflicts. No more complaints.

Who needs the IT headaches – and costs – of traditional file backup when you have a continuously versioning file system? RPOs and RTOs are better. And so is your ability to recover from Ransomware and disasters.

Ultimate Deployment Flexibility.

Keep your data all on-premises with Nasuni and private cloud object storage. Eliminate data center file storage completely by going full public cloud. Or, choose the popular hybrid cloud model. Our flexible architecture and strategic partnerships keep all your options open.

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