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Nasuni in 90 Seconds

Nasuni is Cloud NAS, a complete storage solution leveraging the cloud as a primary storage component built-in to a unified, high-performance storage system. See how it works in this short video.

Featured User Story: D+M Group

D+M Group is a global company providing innovative, high quality sound solutions. With nearly 1,000 employees spread across Asia, North America and Europe, D+M needed a file storage solution that could support their growing footprint.

Nasuni Cloud NAS

Nasuni Cloud NAS is a single file storage solution that delivers unlimited capacity, automatic protection and fast access to files from any location, device or end user. All at a fraction of the cost of traditional storage solutions.

As file data continues to grow, the file sprawl problem is only going to get worse. Nasuni Cloud NAS is the secure, cost-effective enterprise solution that goes beyond file storage, increasing productivity and efficiency across the enterprise.

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Nasuni is used by organizations around the world to store, protect, manage and distribute many different types of data – including CAD drawings, product schematics, documents, movies and videos. Companies are using Nasuni to tackle some of their toughest storage challenges, including:

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About Us

Nasuni is an enterprise storage company that provides distributed organizations with a simple, unified storage solution. By combining cloud storage with on-premises storage controllers, Nasuni Cloud NAS allows business to:

Built by a team of industry experts and storage veterans, Nasuni is changing the way companies view enterprise storage and infrastructure.

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