Case Study

Manhard Consulting


Improving File Collaboration and Data Protection while Reducing Costs

Manhard Consulting trades costly backup for built-in data protection and unlimited cloud capacity with Nasuni

Manhard Consulting is a full-service civil engineering and surveying firm specializing in government, municipal, residential and commercial projects. With 225 employees distributed across 8 national offices, the firm relies heavily on cross-site collaboration to meet its clients’ design needs. Until recently, though, Manhard relied on separate file servers in each location to store large and often critical files, so when engineers in different locations wanted to collaborate, IT had to carry out block-level replication from office to office. Improving collaboration was only one of IT’s goals. As unstructured data grew, Manhard was running out of space in several of its offices and struggling to protect data in a cost-effective way. Stuck with an inefficient file infrastructure, rising backup costs, and no clear disaster recovery plan, the IT team turned to Nasuni for cloud-scale file infrastructure. The result: enhanced collaboration, safer data, and significant cost savings.

  • Architecture, Engineering & Construction
  • Amazon Web Services
  • unified, infinitely scalable global file system
  • fast, secure access at all offices
  • built-in data protection and 15-min DR
  • significant cost savings
  • eliminated $10K/yr in backup
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