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Consolidate your File Servers with Nasuni on AWS

Infinite scale, built-in-backup, global file sharing, and local file server performance at half the cost of traditional file infrastructures

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High-performance on-premises file access

Access data seamlessly with VM or hardware based Nasuni Edge Appliances which stores all files in Amazon S3, while intelligently caching active files locally for high-performance access through SMB (CIFS) and NFS protocols. If cached files become inactive, they are evicted, leaving only the gold copies in Amazon S3. If the files become active again, they are automatically retrieved from S3 and re-cached.

Nasuni Continuous File Versioning

Free up hours of IT support every month with Nasuni’s next-generation snapshot technology that continuously captures file changes in every location and stores them read-only in Amazon S3 to create an unlimited, immutable version history. All file versions from nearly any point in time can also be recovered to any Edge Appliance from S3 in minutes.

Multi-Site File Synchronization and Nasuni Global File Lock

Nasuni enables teams around the world in your company to concurrently access the same files and shares. File changes from every location are synchronized first to S3, then to other appliances that are caching the same data. Nasuni Global File Lock ensures that only one user at a time in any location can edit shared files, helping minimize data losses caused by version conflict.

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