Case Study

Barry Isett and Associates


Simplifying the Storage Ecosystem with Nasuni

Barry Isett and Associates saves an estimated 50% of costs relative to its previous file data storage solution

A full-service consulting engineering firm, Barry Isett & Associates (BIA) manages every step of the development, building and renovation process, from feasibility studies through construction. As file data grew across its offices, the firm began looking for a way to improve file access across its organization and simplify its storage ecosystem. The large design files at the core of its business taxed the firm’s WAN acceleration technologies. Latency issues were frustrating end users, and design teams needed protected, high-performance access to files from multiple locations – including client sites. Now that BIA has deployed Nasuni, each branch office has its own Nasuni Edge Appliance, matched specifically to the performance needs of that location, giving BIA users fast access to large design files. All file data is automatically versioned to the cloud, ensuring fast recoveries, and BIA has a more scalable, agile cloud solution for the future.

  • Architecture, Engineering & Construction
  • Amazon Web Services
  • access to shared, high-performance storage across distributed teams
  • centrally managed
  • built-in enterprise-grade data protection
  • capacity-based pricing – no more costly infrastructure upgrades
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