Case Study

Greenhill & Co.

Greenhill & Co. Accelerates Global Collaboration by Migrating to Nasuni

Greenhill is a global investment bank with offices in New York, London, Singapore and other major cities around the world. Founded in 1996, the firm had been a loyal NetApp customer for much of that time. But in 2020, Greenhill’s IT leadership realized that the bank’s traditional file storage infrastructure did not match the needs of today’s users.

The analysts and managing directors at Greenhill generate unstructured data in the form of documents, spreadsheets, PowerPoint slides, and PDFs. Greenhill keeps most of its data, so its storage volumes have grown steadily over time. Users in different offices often collaborate on deals, so employees were growing frustrated with the sluggish pace of file sharing. Despite his loyalty to NetApp, Managing Director and Chief Information Officer John Shaffer realized Greenhill needed to upgrade to a modern hybrid cloud storage platform. They chose Nasuni to accelerate global collaboration, reduce costs, and bolster ransomware protection strategy.

  • Financial Services
  • Microsoft Azure
  • effortless scalability
  • fast edge performance at all locations
  • hybrid cloud agility
  • ransomware resilience
  • simpler global management
  • AI readiness
  • reduced hardware footprint across all sites
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