Case Study

Jakob Müller Group

Jakob Müller Transitions to Nasuni and Azure from Windows File Servers

Jakob Müller is headquartered in Switzerland, but has six manufacturing facilities around the world. Jakob Müller was relying on distributed Windows File Servers to manage and share data across this distributed environment. Although this has been a typical approach in the industry, large file sizes and growing amounts of data have made such infrastructures increasingly inefficient and expensive to maintain.

The IT team created scripts to copy files from one location to another, but when users at one site needed to access data in a distant region, they were often forced to deal with long delays. Manufacturing firms also have to account for the potential impact of ransomware attacks, and are now looking for solutions with built-in resilience that will reduce ransomware-related downtime and site-specific outages that could negatively impact productivity.

The Nasuni platform gives the company long-term agility. The Ransomware Protection add-on service can deployed at any point to strengthen the firm’s ability to detect, quarantine, and respond to attacks faster, and Nasuni Access Anywhere enables end users to work on their files from any location. “Our needs are always changing,” CIO Michael Stöckli says, “and it’s good to know that these options are there, and that Nasuni is really working to make the platform better.”

  • Manufacturing
  • Microsoft Azure
  • global file synchronization
  • 33% cost reduction
  • rapid ransomware recovery
  • simpler management
  • reliable business continuity
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