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Make the Right Migration choice with Nasuni

Move your StorSimple data to a leading Microsoft Azure ISV and get more value out of your unstructured data

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Don’t overestimate the amount of time it would take to migrate off StorSimple and onto a superior platform.

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Fast, Simple Migration of Your Data from StorSimple to Nasuni

Nasuni’s professional service teams and certified partners can migrate your StorSimple data into your Azure (or other) object storage on time and on a schedule that works for your team, without interrupting ongoing operations and access. Nasuni offers a full range of offerings from an assisted migration to a full migration, using state of the art data migration procedures and tools.

Fast Local and Multi-Site Access

Nasuni offers fast local access to files and enables StorSimple customers to share their data with users across multiple locations. These locations will be able to store, access, share and synchronize files across a limitless number of users and sites. Unlike StorSimple, Nasuni’s global file system keeps all files and file changes in Azure Blob storage to provide unlimited capacity for file sharing.

Improved Productivity and Value

Migrating to Nasuni enhances the value of your StorSimple data and streamlining workflows by offering cross-office file sharing and eliminating file version conflicts. With Nasuni, you also can turn file data into business value by tapping into leading-edge analytics, search, and AI services being created by cloud providers Azure. These services allow you to do things like detect PII data, perform image recognition, and provide video scanning for OSHA compliance.

Learn more about how Nasuni and Azure Blob storage compare with StorSimple and Azure Files with Azure File Sync

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