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OneDrive, Teams, SharePoint Augmentation with Nasuni

How Nasuni with Azure Blob Storage Fits in the Microsoft File Storage Ecosystem

Long-term, Limitless, Multi-Access File Storage at a Lower Cost

SharePoint document storage is generally more expensive and limited than a cloud file storage platform like Nasuni that is designed to use low-cost object storage, has backup and DR built-in and better supports large document storage and workloads that exceed the limitations of SharePoint. SharePoint is also good only for single location Office documents while Nasuni’s cloud storage can lock files across a multi-user, multi-site network.

Access Files Simply and Quickly

SharePoint files are stored in libraries that are accessed using a web-based interface which can be a confusing and slow process. The interface looks nothing like Windows File explorer. Nasuni enables users to easily access their files at much faster local network speeds from a mapped drive in Windows Explorer or Mac Finder, as they’re accustomed to doing. No changes to scripts that rely on drive mappings are needed.

Advanced Data Protection at No Extra Cost

SharePoint has limits to how many versions of files can be stored, and backups require additional 3rd party subscription services that charge for ongoing backups and retrieval. Nasuni’s advanced snapshot technology is built-in at no extra charge, stores read-only versions of all file changes to create an unlimited version history, and enables file access to be restored to any on-premises or cloud location in less than 15 minutes after a disaster or outage. Built-in DR and ransomware mitigation ensure that enterprise files are accessible within minutes after a trigger event.

Learn how companies are using SharePoint, OneDrive, Teams and Nasuni in concert, and the technical differences and use cases for each product.

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