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High Performance File Storage for Multiple Regions at a Fraction of the Cost

Simplify your VDI file infrastructure to deliver economical, flexible, and high-performance file access

Improved, Automatic Data Protection

Nasuni frees IT to focus on higher-value work through automated, built-in ‘snapshots’ taken at predetermined intervals. This Continuous File Versioning model of data protection enables files to be restored to virtually any point in time. Traditional backup software, media servers, tapes and archival storage, along with high costs, are a thing of the past. Recovery Point Objectives (RPO) are reduced to minutes and Recovery Time Objectives (RTO) are reduced to seconds.

Powerful Business Continuity Tools

The virtualization of the entire platform in the cloud, from desktop compute through file storage and data protection, streamlines business continuity and supports work-from-anywhere models. The cloud VDI environment is no longer vulnerable to losing a single file server in a specific region. Nor does IT need to replicate file systems across regions to ensure redundancy.

Reduce Total Cost of Ownership of VDI File Storage

The cost-saving benefits of using Nasuni for VDI storage are just as important as the technical advantages. You can leverage cloud through limitlessly scalable, low-cost cloud object storage, shrink infrastructure by reducing file storage footprint by 85%-95%, eliminate expensive third-party backup storage with the help of Nasuni Continuous File Versioning, reduce IT operational costs as shares, volumes and more can be centrally managed, and minimize downtime with RTOs reducing from days to minutes.

Learn about how Penspen quickly transitioned to Azure Virtual Desktop backed by Nasuni to maintain productivity of their global workforce at the beginning of the pandemic.

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