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Customer Story: Mobile, Distributed File Access at Half the Price

Energy-Solar-WindWhen we talk about global file sharing and how it’s changing enterprise storage, we tend to focus on offices. We often describe the storage ecosystem in terms of locations spread around the country or the globe. In the AEC space, however, there’s also the job site, a temporary location that’s not quite an office, but is just as important due to close proximity to customers. So how do you allow employees to securely access critical files at these sites – even if it’s just a trailer?

One of our clients, a Southwest-based leader in the energy sector of the construction industry, initially began searching for a new file storage solution for several reasons. The firm has a nationwide reach and its employees are constantly moving from one job site or office to another. IT wanted to provide distributed access to data, including access from mobile devices. Additional priorities included reducing backup costs and developing a reliable plan for disaster recovery at each location.

After evaluating the offerings from EMC and NetApp, the firm chose Nasuni, and began reaping immediate rewards. The company paid back its investment in less than nine months and reduced CAPEX by as much as 49%. With the limitless capacity of Cloud NAS, the firm no longer has to worry about expanding its storage footprint. Local caching ensures data access is fast, and thanks to the Nasuni Management Console, the IT staff is now able to dedicate more time to higher-value projects. With unlimited snapshots, the firm now benefits from automatic protection, so DR is no longer a concern. Because backup with Nasuni is built-in, traditional backup has been eliminated.

Still, the biggest impact of Cloud NAS isn’t about IT efficiency or warding off the data deluge. The company’s employees don’t just move between job sites. They also need to collaborate with colleagues in distant locations. In both cases, they need fast, consistent, and secure access to data. Through distributed file sharing, Cloud NAS makes that possible – even easy. As a result, their file storage system is now completely aligned with the company’s core business goals. Storage is no longer a drag on the budget or the business. With Nasuni, IT is freed up to help to push the enterprise forward.


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